Air Monitoring COSHH

Air sampling surveys for dusts, fumes, vapours, mists, gases and fibres.
Recommendations for improvement of controls.
PPE and RPE advice.
COSHH risk assessments.


Personal noise sampling.
Spot measurements to highlight significant noise sources.
Noise mapping to identify hearing protection zones.
Advice for noise reduction.
Assessment of hearing protection

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing

Thorough examination and test of extraction systems in accordance with HSG 258.
Velocity, pressure, flow, volume and visual checks on systems.
Advice on improving systems to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’.


Risk assessments and reviews.
Advice on legionella controls, policies, procedures and management plans.
Legionella sampling

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

Measuring the vibration of hand tools.
Calc of daily vibration exposures and comparison with the legal limits.
Advice to reduce worker’s exposure to vibration.

Validate Consulting Ltd is an independent Occupational Hygiene & Health and Safety consultancy providing competent, professional support to both the public and private sector.

We work with companies to protect worker health and safety from hazards in the workplace including chemicals, fumes, vapours, noise and vibration, fire, confined space and operating plant and machinery.

We help health and safety professionals to provide assistance with all aspects of health and safety, and provide specific expertise in the measurement of hazards in the workplace, assess against legal exposure limits and provide advice on control measures such as RPE and LEV.

We have a vast experience in many different industry sectors and can tailor support to meet your needs. We can also provide bespoke training courses in a wide variety of subjects.

Validate Consulting Ltd covers the whole of the UK and Europe and has a proven track record in helping small business up to multinational organisations.

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